Artist Heather L. Young

Celebrating Our Sweet Vayda

Last night we said farewell to our sweet Vayda girl.  I cannot begin to put into words the loss I feel at this time.  Just willing myself out of bed was a struggle.  I’ll never forget the phone call from Nick 13.5 years ago “how broke are we?” he asked.  He was working on one of Cima’s properties and the tenants, SCAD students, had rescued a litter of puppies found thrown in a dumpster near Alexander Hall.  I had just finished painting a mural on 54th street.  I collected all my gear (and my paycheck), called Cima and told her “get ready, I’m getting a puppy!” She was our first baby.  Everywhere we’ve ever lived together, she has too.  She started the “Vayda Christmas Card,” and for those of you who appreciated her yearly face in  your mailbox, here’s a trip down memory lane.  (I feel like I’m missing one one or two)  Rest in peace sweet girl.  I know you are in good hands, and I know you’ll be the first to greet me when it’s my turn. xo

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